PLATFORM 2011:  Body Madness – Absurdity and Wit

voix de ville

February 3-5, 2011
an evening created by Cori Olinghouse

Featuring work by Cori Olinghouse, voguers Javier Ninja and Archie Burnett (from the International Legendary House of Ninja), and special surprise guests – Kota Yamazaki, and Bill Irwin!

“voix de ville” trailer

Celebrating artists from eccentric, experimental and freestyle dance forms, this evening illuminates the many approaches to transformation and shapeshifting. An historic re-imagining of vaudeville where freestyle performers express their culturally unique voix de ville, or “voices of the city.”

“This blog documents the making of voix de ville, and ongoing work/research that continues to emerge as a result of this wonderful experience!”  – Cori Olinghouse

Photos by Ian Douglas

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  1. I came across this to look at the Bill Irwin piece, but the whole event is fascinating. And this could be the cleverest name for a show in years!

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